Research Centers

Motivation Mechanics operates a number of Research Centers. These centers consist of specialty and category-specific communities of healthcare providers, patients and other industry stakeholders.

These communities act as third parties that conduct research projects, advisory boards and other market-based communications on behalf of our clients. Because the Research Centers are category-specific, healthcare professionals have formed long-term relationships with us. Our members remain engaged and active in our research efforts. They are motivated to participate in the ongoing dialogue about the challenges and opportunities they face in the evolving world of healthcare.

Panel members actively join our research centers by:
  • Engaging with us at association meetings
  • Signing up through our websites
  • Contacting us on the advice of a colleague
  • Having participated in a survey and asked to be on our panel
Access to our panel will allow you to dialogue with category audiences through online, over-the-phone or in-person discussions, moderated by one of our category experts.
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