Basics of Communications Planning

A communications plan isnŐt just a tactical plan.

It starts with defined Communications Objectives. Communications Objectives are simple, quantifiable and, most importantly, attainable. Objectives define where we want to go. Some examples:
  • Increasing sales by a specific number of units or dollars
  • Increasing awareness from baseline measurement
  • Gaining market share by a certain percentage
Next come Communications Strategies. Different from tactics, strategies define how we aim to achieve our objectives. Some examples of Communications Strategies are:
  • Targeting specific segments for penetration
  • Exploit a specific weakness in a competitorŐs marketing
  • Drive a campaign through integrated tactical programs
And finally, Communications Tactics. Tactics are what we use to reach our objectives. These include the familiar vehicles of Advertising, Sales Collateral, and Direct Marketing. But we try and take your communications to a new level with new tactics like:
  • Online Social Networking
  • Community Building
  • Advanced Database Management Systems

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