Neuronetics – NeuroStar TMS Therapy¨, Consumer Research

Objective: understand motivators and barriers behind the decision to pursue a non-drug therapy for depression.

Strategy: In-depth interviews.

Collaging was utilized to understand imagery and visuals that are associated with depression and with the possibility of being out of oneÕs depressed state.

A mix of consumers who had already undergone therapy with NeuroStar TMS and who had looked into the treatment option but not yet decided to pursue it.

Depression is a dark, lonely place where people feel stuck and trapped.

People with depression, who have not experienced relief from drug therapy, are hopeful for a solution. However, they tend to be caught in a Ôroller coasterÕ of side effects from drug therapy that prevents them from taking action.

A non-drug treatment option offers hope that thereÕs a new path, a new direction for people who suffer from depression to take.

A patient education campaign was created which leverages this patient desire for a Ôchange in direction.Õ

A road sign is used to indicate that “hope is just ahead”.

This road sign is positioned along a tree-lined path that shows the sun rising in the distance, symbolizing hope for the future.

The brochure uses bold typography to highlight the key benefits that patients told us were important in their decision to explore NeuroStar TMS Therapy.
  • These benefits help to minimize cost as part of the decision-making process by focusing on
    attributes that are more emotionally-compelling.

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