The ThinPrep® Pap Test: Changing Standard of Care in a Satisfied Market—Research and Development

Objective: Define the network of influence and motivational messaging to drive dramatic change in cervical cancer screening.

Strategy: In-depth interviews with and communications to diverse stakeholders.


Cytology Labs

Third-Party Payers


Ob/Gyns were motivated by the potential to alleviate the burden of dealing with indeterminate conventional Pap smear screening results.

Cytology labs, handcuffed by regulations, would be motivated by a way to regain control of the conventional Pap testing screening process.

Payers, driven by the bottom line, would require significant pressure from patients and doctors to agree to pay for more expensive testing.

Patients were most interested in getting what was best for them at any cost.

Research indicated that a campaign involving pull-through pressure by all stakeholders would help create critical mass tipping points in other segments.

Integrated campaign involving advertising, direct response, interactive, direct executive sales presentations, and direct-to-consumer advertising presented in regional markets drove significant market conversion.
  • Within 5 years of FDA approval, ThinPrep had achieved 70% market share in critical markets— unseating the conventional Pap smear as the standard of care in cervical cancer screeening.

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