Survival Motives

Survival Motives define our most basic needs. This makes them extremely powerful and dominant in human behavior. They are expressed in 4 ways:

  • Physical Survival is the recognition that everyone needs things like food, air, water, and shelter. These needs can be expressed emotionally through health and wellness, security and safety. Decision-making about choosing one product or service over another can be accessed through appeals based on security, protection and strength.

  • Sexual Survival elements revolve around gender identities, impulses and potency. Emotional benefits associated with this category revolve around reproduction, self-expression and pleasure.

  • Territorial Survival focuses on career, assets, income and professional performance. People express territorial satisfaction in terms of achievement, power, control and status.

  • Spiritual Survival elements feature human love, lawful order, affirmation and calling. Messaging that focuses on dedication and helping others works best here.

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