NovaSure® Consumer Awareness Program

Objective: understand motivators, barriers and triggers to physician discussion and ultimate treatment for heavy periods.

Strategy: In-depth interviews.

Women who suffer silently from heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • i.e., have not yet sought treatment or guidance from their physician.

Heavy menstrual bleeding is a ‘taboo’ subject for many women.

Although many women suffer from the condition, it is not a condition that they willingly talk about with others.

Women are rarely properly educated from their physician about treatment options, so an unbranded, category-focused web property is important to educate women about this 90-second, in-office treatment option.

A core visual element—water on the beach (surf) swirling around the female model’s feet to represent ‘cleanliness’—connects women with the aspiration of freedom from heavy periods.

This motivation was defined as self-image and the desire to feel clean throughout the entire month; with heavy periods, women report feeling the need to shower several times during the day and change their clothing routinely in case of ‘spotting.’

The model, dressed in white on the beach with sea water around her, represented a fundamental motivator for seeking treatment.

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