MammoSite® Brand & Advocacy Web Sites—Research and Development

Objective: understand mindset and emotions around decision-making for breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Strategy: In-depth interviews and mini-focus groups.

Women at higher risk for breast cancer.

Breast cancer survivors.

Web-based information and education is a significant source of information for women who have received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Connecting with other women who have received this devastating diagnosis and undergone treatment is important to a woman’s ability to understand options and what to expect on her journey through treatment.

Research indicated that a word-of-mouth marketing program, using a web-based connection strategy, would be extremely helpful to women, and would gain significant attention for the MammoSite brand.

Branded and unbranded web properties were updated to reflect new Key Message Platform and Verbal & Visual Lexicon.

Voices of MammoSite web property and program was created to meet the needs of women looking for information on breast cancer treatments.

  • Voices of MammoSite™ website and outreach campaign was a Bronze Webby winner in the 2008 Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) National Advertising Awards.

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