FullTerm/Rapid fFN™ Physician Research

Objective: understand emotional drivers behind decision-making when managing women with signs, symptoms and risk factors of preterm labor

Strategy: In-depth interviews


Ob/Gyns are well-aware that 1 out of 8 babies in the U.S. is born before term (37-39 weeks of gestation). Yet, because there is no definitive prevention for preterm birth, Ob/Gyns often feel powerless in managing their patients who could potentially go into early labor.

Research demonstrated that if Ob/Gyns could feel empowered that they were doing something positive to help one of their patients, they could feel more comfortable offering the Rapid fFN™ Test in their office, at the point-of-care.

A Physician Sales Aid was created to answer the physician concern about ďwhich one of my patients will deliver early?Ē

The sales aid included important ‘reminder’ information about what fFN is and its role and importance in pregnancy.

While not being prescriptive, the sales aid offered Ob/Gyns potential care management pathways for consideration, depending on the outcome of the fFN test.

A Physician Tool Kit was also created for Ob/Gyns to use in their practices, to help explain what the FullTerm/Rapid fFN Test can do for their patients and who exactly could be at risk for preterm birth.

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