FullTerm/Rapid fFNª Consumer Research & Awareness Program

Objective: understand mindset, emotions and imagery associated with pregnancy and potential risk of preterm birth to prove/disprove Ob/Gyn perception that women donÕt want to know their pregnancy could be at risk for preterm delivery.

Strategy: In-depth interviews and mini focus groups.

Pregnant women at high risk for preterm birth (previous preterm birth or prior cervical issues).

Pregnant women at no increased / identified risk of preterm birth.

Through the use of collaging exercises and right-brain research methodology, Motivation Mechanics learned that pregnant women want to be in control during their pregnancy. Of course this is a happy time, and women are hopeful for a happy, positive experience. However, if there is a risk of anything going ÔwrongÕ with their pregnancy, they want to know about it—and they expect their Ob/Gyn to tell them about these risks. Women want to plan, be organized and know what to expect.

A Patient Education Kit was created for physicians to use in their practices and to help explain what the FullTerm/Rapid fFN Test can do for their patients.

Direct-to-patient advertising was also created, empowering women to “Know what to expect” during their pregnancy and educating women about the signs and symptoms of preterm labor.

Visuals for all patient education materials were derived from the collages that women created for this research.

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